Business Process Outsource Service

a new, dedicated, independent and highly automated
Business Process Outsource Service
has been developed, successfully trialled and is now operating from
a New Zealand base

Leveraging the GenCap expertise and technologies, a fund administration Business Process Outsource (BPO) service has been successfully trialled for 12+ months, using real clients, with real funds, with real investments in Australia, New Zealand and USA.


This new, independent and dedicated fund administration full BPO service is now available to other fund managers, wherever they may be domiciled.


We have also developed our own fund on-boarding technology and procedures that enable us to quickly and economically transfer funds from other systems/service providers. A service we offer for free!

All middle- and back-office functions from an investor-centric focus right through to investment portfolio administration, net asset valuations, pricing, investment accounting, fulfilment, regulatory reporting, and business intelligence are now provided by the one independent service provider, using the one platform with the one database.


Offering a timely, professional and correct service.


A service that others will have difficulty matching on either price or quality of service.